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Real barbers, real Stories

Fades & Fellowship is a live improv experience, rooted in social commentary. There are no actors and no script. It is a provocative, raw, and unforgettable experience that doesn’t end once the performance is over…

Stories from inside the barbershop in theatrical show “Fades & Fellowship”

It’s been more than a year since I stepped into a barbershop to get a haircut. I made a personal decision in August 2015 to take a chance on myself and grow my hair out and see what the results would be, and honestly, my decision has had its share of ups and downs….

Fades and Fellowship With Martin Luther King Jr.’s Barber

Nelson Malden Speaks About King and the Essence of the Black Barbershop

No black man wants to be on the receiving end of jokes about not having a good shape up.

Men’s hairstyles from the fade, to the Afro, to the Philly, the conk, the Mohawk, cornrows, short dreads, long dreads, designs and parts, curls to the cruddy have been as essential to their identity as it has for the countless styles black women have created and had appropriated for years…

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MLK Jr.’s Barber Brings The Shop To The Museum In “Fades And Fellowship”

Tomorrow, The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History and Culture will be hosting Fades and Fellowship. The space has been re-imagined to look like a traditional African-American barbershop where twelve barbers, including Dr. Martin Luther King’s barber Nelson Malden, will share the stories and insights they’ve gleaned from their years working in barbershops…

Black barbershops offer fades, fellowship and so much more

Whether it is to share a laugh, debate the latest political issue, network ideas, obtain resources or purchase the latest gear, “Black barbershops in African American communities have been an important cultural institution;” they serve as a cultural focal point and place of intersection for African American men and boys in urban and rural communities throughout the United States…

A Cut Above: A new show focuses on the community of the barbershop.

As the lights come on in Station North’s Motor House art space, a young black man sweeps shavings off a white tile floor. An older gentleman preps a client in his barber’s chair as local news plays on the television, featuring scenes from the unrest that occurred in Baltimore in 2015…

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Event Preview: Fades and Fellowship

On the show we preview an upcoming event at Baltimore’s Reginald F. Lewis Museum: Fades and Fellowship, a theatrical commentary that uses a barbershop as a backdrop and blends storytelling, music, and real life conversations with reflective stories about some of the most pressing issues affecting not only the communities in which Black barbershops reside, but also those of our larger collective consciousness of America. I’ll be talking with: Nelson Malden, who was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s barber; Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields, co-Founder and Senior Director of Education and Innovation for the Cambio Group and Darius Wilmore Creative Director for Taharka Brothers…

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